About Avantguard UPVC Roof

AVANTGUARD is a next generation roofing solution developed for residential and industrial needs. Using UPVC base material and a range of supporting additives, AVANTGUARD has 3 times more effective compared to any other commercial roofing due to its 3 distinct benefiting layers. See Comparison page here

AVANTGUARD UPVC Roof has high resistance against acids, bases and salts. Making it a highly suitable roofing and cladding material for coastal areas, food and beverage industry, salt factories, cold storage, pulp and paper industry, power plants, fertilizer factories and much more. See our project here

AVANTGUARD is also flexible therefore can be bent to the shape of dome roofs without rolling. As a residential canopy, unlike polycarbonates & fibreglass, AVANTGUARD does not disintegrate in high UV tropical environment, does not accumulate mould and is much quieter during the rainy seasons. Most importantly, AVANTGUARD is made from nontoxic material and is 100% recyclable. See detail of our product here